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We meet from 7:00 – 8:30 PM every Tuesday night at First Presbyterian Church in Mount Holly, New Jersey. map-and-directions

Weekly Update: Summer Camp and Troop Picnic

Here are the updates for June 30th!


Our annual troop picnic is tomorrow night at Westwood swim club in Mount Holly. The picnic starts at 4:00pm and will take the place of our regular meeting.

Here is a link with a map to the swim club.


Each patrol was assigned food for the picnic. Please look for an email from Suzanne Freeman with your assignments!


If you ordered troop T-shirts for camp, they will be available for pickup at the pool party tomorrow.


Bug nets are very helpful at camp! I recommend the large rectangle bug net like this one:

Click Here

This is available at Walmart and other locations as well as the Scout Shop at the Rowan Scout Resource Center (where you buy uniforms). They have a bunch in stock now.

To be most effective, many scouts build a type of frame from PVC to put the net around their cot. What I do is to get four 4-foot long 1/2 inch PVC poles and duct tape or tie them to the four corners of the cot to form “posts.” Then I drape the bug net over the four “posts.” You do not have to get very fancy with this! I cut my poles in half and simply connect them together with 1/2 inch PVC couplings so they fit in my trunk. Then I put 1/2 inch caps over the ends so the net does not rip.

This is a good example of what I am talking about — although I personally do not use the “cross pieces”.



For the new parents, your scout may become homesick while away at camp. Don’t worry — your scout will be just fine. It happens and we are well prepared and experienced to deal with it!

  • But, there are a few things you can do to help the situation:
  • It’s perfectly fine to tell your scout how much you will miss him, but please set the expectation that he will be just fine and that you expect him to make it all week.
  • It’s actually very helpful to bring up homesickness and discuss it openly. “son, I know you may get homesick…” Encourage him: “I know you will make it”
  • Have a plan. Emphasize how much fun he will be having and some things he can do to deal with it.
  • Please DO NOT TELL YOUR SCOUT THAT YOU WILL COME AND GET HIM. Please, please, please help us! Make it VERY CLEAR that this is NOT an option.
  • I realize that this may be tough for both of you, but look at this as an opportunity for your scout to grow. This is a great opportunity.
  • Remind him that he will not be able to call home until Wednesday. Trust me, he will be FINE!
  • Play up the fun and excitement he will have at camp!
Here is a link to a good article on homesickness that you can read. I recommend that you read it!


Speaking of homesickness… ;-)

Bashore offers a Friday evening family dinner where families can come and dine with your scout. These meals must be pre-paid by next week. If you want to attend I need to know if you are coming. The cost of the dinner is approximately $10 per person and funds will be taken from your scout account.

The reality is that homesick kids sometimes end up imploding when families arrive. I have personal experience with this because it happened to my own son his first year of camp (I purposefully did not attend camp as a leader on the first year my son’s were scouts). If you want to come on Friday, please prepare your scout and make it clear that you expect him to stay until Saturday morning, and encourage him that he can make it!

Please email me if you are planning on coming as soon as possible.


Many merit badges have pre-requisites! Please look at the following link and get those done BEFORE camp so you don’t come back with partials!


We wil meet at 9:00am on Sunday, July 6th for our transportation to camp. We will be departing from the Academy Bus lines lot in Wetampton, NJ, located near the Home Depot on Route 541. The address is: 6 Western Dr, Westampton, NJ 08060

Here is a map:

We will not be stopping for lunch, so please bring a bag lunch for the trip!

We will return at approximately 12:00pm on Saturday, July 12th at the same location. Look at Facebook for updates.


I usually try to post pictures and information during the week to our Facebook page. If you have not “Liked” our page yet, you may want to do so! The page is located here:


As a reminder, very scout will need at least one COMPLETE Class A uniform for summer camp! This consists of a Scout shirt and troop neckerchief, official green scout shorts or pants (shorts highly recommended), official scout socks, and official scout belt. Hats are optional, but recommended.


Thank you for your support of scouting, and see you tomorrow!

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Due to the large amount of rain today, we are concerned that the dirt road may be a problem for driving tonight.

So, for safety reasons, we are delaying our trip.


Yes, you heard right…. 6:00am! We will plan on cooking breakfast as soon as we arrive and then start shooting.

If you have any questions, please give me a shout.

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Shooting Weekend Weather Update

Still keeping our eyes on the weather for this evening.

As of now, it is not supposed to stop raining until around 10:00pm tonight.

Rain is fine — we will still go. What I am watching are for any embedded thunderstorms and/or high winds.

I will make an announcement no later than 5:00pm. Stay tuned!

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