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Ski Trip Update

2015-02-27 14:58:49

Hello everyone!

Just a couple of reminders for tomorrow:

1. We meet no later than 7:15 am and will depart at 7:30am. UNIFORM IS CLASS A! You may change into your ski clothes once we arrive at the slope.

2. Bring money for lunch and snacks!!!! We will be leaving around 4:00 and will arrive back at the church around 6:30pm. If you want a snack for the drive home, be sure to bring money for that as well. The snack bar can be a bit on the high side for food, so plan accordingly.

3. Group lessons are available and can be purchased individually once we arrive. I’m not sure on the cost yet (discount or not), but plan on around $20 for an hour lesson. If you’ve never skied or snowboard I highly recommend it!

4. Drivers — unless you have pre-coordinated with me, I need every seat! Thanks for your help…

See you tomorrow!


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